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Association of Professional Dog Trainers - Dog Training Professionals

​We are now offering Foundations/Basic Manners classes as well as private consultations and training.   Foundation classes teach the skills dogs need to enjoy a lifetime of learning and bonding 
with us as partners.  These skills include polite leash walking, learning to settle on a mat or bed, sit, wait, 
recall, down, mine & take it, targeting, and one or two fun, new games.

Classes will resume in the spring.  Enrollment is limited.

Other training services offered are puppy play classes where we teach your puppy basic behaviors as well 
as puppy play. This class also includes getting your puppy to accept brushing, nail trims, ear cleaning, 
approaching new people.  

A few other services available to my clients:
puppy/dog selection
family lessons getting the children more involved and helping to reduce dog bites

Public Walking - teaching your dog to walk without pulling in public and also reducing the dog's reactivity to 
people or other dogs.

Private Classes are available.  Call to discuss your needs.  

All classes are taught by Charlotte Kapuschinsky, KPA CTP