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Stay & Play Pet Care indoor Dog Boarding

Our sole purpose for doing business is to provide your pet with a clean, comfortable, loving environment as 
well as owner peace of mind.  In order for our facility to run smoothly and maintain this environment, the 
following “Paw-licies” are put in place.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Due to the increasing number of last minute cancellations and no shows,
we are forced to implement a new holiday reservation deposit 

Kindly adhere to our pick up and drop off hours.   We realize everyone has busy schedules, as do we.  

All holiday reservations will be made with three (3) day boarding deposit.  If 
reservations are cancelled within two weeks of reservation, a refund will be given.  
Reservation deposits can be made via cash or check.

The holiday reservation policy includes but is not limited to Easter and/or
Spring break, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year.  

All dogs must have proof of current rabies, distemper + lepto (either combination or individually) and 
bordetella.  No exceptions will be made.  This is for your pet’s safety as well as the safety of our other 
guests.  You may email a copy of your vet printout to:

We strongly recommend the use of Soresto collars, Advantix or other flea and tick preventative.  

Any pet found to have fleas and/or ticks will be treated immediately at owner's expense or

we will refuse boarding.  It is your responsibility to know if your dog has fleas or ticks.  

It is my responsibility to ensure my guests do not bring fleas and ticks into my facility.

Food, Treats, and other Personal Items
All pets must have enough food for their stay + 1 extra day in case of an emergency.  I cannot stress this 
enough!  Please, please make sure if you are premeasuring your dog's food to check and double check that 
you packed enough food.  Please do not bring glass containers!  Treats and toys are welcome.  We cannot 
guarantee the condition of items will be the same as when they came it.  All pets are provided with

Kuranda beds and stainless steel dishes.  

Cats must come in a carrier, this is for their protection and safety. 

Medication to be given must be in original container w/ vet instructions.  See our services page for 
additional charges if applicable.  There will be no exceptions to this policy.